Pay It Forward

Fee-free fundraising for Canadian businesses during the coronavirus crisis 

How Crowdfund Canada is supporting Canadian businesses through the coronavirus crisis

Communities across Canada are coming together through crowdfunding to respond the rapidly changing challenges that businesses face right now

The spread of the coronavirus will affect millions of Canadians in the coming weeks and months, and the economic crisis is growing. Crowdfund Canada is offering 100% commission free fundraising for businesses suffering a snap downturn in custom, threatening their future in uncertain times.

As the lockdown begins our communities are spending more time indoors, and less money in local bars, cafes restaurants and shops. But we can come together and get through this and we're here to play our part in the frontline response.

'Paying it Forward' enables businesses to generate advanced sales of goods and services by offering fixed value "business credits" to mitigate short-term cash concerns. Get started today.

How Pay It Forward works

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Create fixed amount business credit for customers to purchase and redeem in the future

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